So What Is New for Dragonstone :-

  • Maureen and I have at last come to the point where we are confident in the results of our Negative Energy work .

  • We have had good results over the past four years , but as we have gleaned more and more from our 'research' , these results have shown a dramatic improvement this past year.

  • This improvement has been the finding of a new level of Earth Energy, which has an overbearing influence upon all of our health.

  • Maureen and I found our house to also be affected , so we have very personal experience of its effects .

A Return for us to Earth Energy Healing  :-

  •  We both thought that as we became more heavily involved with the Geopathic Stress issues of  Earth Energy , that our original Energy Healing of the Earth would recede into the distant background, but we have over the past year , seen this aspect incorporate itself into our G.S. work . Strange how things that go around come around , with Gaia .

A 'Thank You' to all of our Clients  :-

  • Without all of you giving us the feed-back that you all have throughout the year , our knowledge base would have remained stagnant , rather than be developing as it has . So all of you have played a part along the way .

A Life away Aerospace Design and Surrey  :-

  • We set up this fulltime practice in Oct 2004 , with some trepidation , but neither of us have had any regrets about taking the plunge in the world of professional Geomancing . The results we see in peoples lives ,more than makes up for the change . We have had bit of local water though ......................

A 'new' Earth Energies Group ( West -Somerset) :-

  • If any of you out there are keen to join a group , we are seriously considering running one , if the interest is out there . Perhaps drop us an E Mail ( via the 'Contacts Us' page) , and we'll keep you informed of the response .



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