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Mike Rawles is listed on The British Dowsing Society's  'Professional Register of Practising Dowsers'


Mike   &  Maureen Rawles  

For nearly two decades , Mike and Maureen Rawles  have been working with the naturally occurring Earth Energy and  its related Geopathic  Stress

Our  involvement  in GEOMANCY started with  Earth  Energy Healing (repairing damage to the Earth's Energy system) , which  in turn  led us into the field of 'Geopathic Stress Balancing' and its Complementary Healing Effects.

We have now run Dragonstone-uk as a fulltime professional practise ,since 2004.  This involves the 'balancing' of all aspects of  Geopathic Stress caused  by the many types of Earth Energy systems that occur quite naturally. We also identify and neutralise, where possible, many other 'man-induced' energy imbalances within our  homes and places of work.

Our observed success in dealing with Earth Energy issues, led us to give up our previous careers in 2004 .............. Mike having been 35 years as a Professional Structural Aerospace Design Engineer ( B.Sc.) and Maureen in the admin side of Real Estate ..........   to jointly run   Dragonstone-uk.

We relocated to Somerset, England, to be geographically centralised for travelling to clients' homes, after spending many years in Surrey, on the outskirts of London. In Surrey our early non-professional work related to solely the damaged Earth Energy, then moved on to how the Earth Energy can affect and damage the animal and plant kingdoms.  Recently after much research down here in Somerset, our work turned full circle to be involved with both aspects, concurrently. So we started working with the Earth's Yang energy, moved to working primarily with its Yin energy, and now combine the two ......... to effect a positive healing environment, which is , in our opinion ,vital for continued good health.

So our personal research and vast experience gained over these many years, has continued, and still continues to develop, resulting in our knowledge-base  attaining the high level of expertise that we  practise today.

Maureen, in the past, spent a sustained 6 year period developing her natural Clairvoyant gifts.   These gifts  now work in harmony with our 'Geopathic Stress Balancing' process ,  enabling her to be aware of other underlying spiritual issues found within a home or an office  environment .

Over the years, this Geomancy work has taken us all over the British Isles, from the isle of Mull in Scotland to the Lands End peninsular in Cornwall.   Introducing us to some of the most beautiful places within the countryside of  Britain. We have also toured the many pyramid sites of Mexico and Egypt, in our quest for answers .......which has only gone to enhanced our knowledge of this subject.

Our clients are mainly introduced to us by referrals from previous clients, but Alternative Health therapists (particularly Kinesiologists ), often diagnose a person's Geopathic Stress condition as being the cause of their long term failure-to-respond to both conventional medicine, and to their own complementary healing.  Other aware people, in growing numbers, prefer to have their homes checked for  Geopathic Stress before they get health issues,  or before  moving into their new home.

There are many telltale 'signs' that should indicate when you are being subjected to  naturally occurring Earth Energy ................  these signs of dis-ease may eventually leave you susceptible to health issues.