What  is   Dowsing   ?  :-  

The development of ‘personal physical  techniques’ to tap  into our ‘psychic awareness’. Enabling us to provide answers to questions that would otherwise be un-attainable using the usual five senses  (  Touch, Sight, Smell, Sound, and Taste ) .

Two of the most commonly practised forms of Dowsing (sometimes referred to as 'Divining' ) are the 'L' Rod , and the Pendulum methods . These are shown below :-

 Pendulum Dowsing -- Finding a Pipe (Underground )



'L' Rod Dowsing -- Showing the Rods Starting to Cros


Below is shown probably the oldest Dowsing Tool .    It is shaped like a ‘Y’ , and is hence referred to as ‘Y’ Rod Dowsing .    Each hand grips the ends of the ‘Y’, and bend the legs open towards the base – tensioning into an ‘unstable’ condition . The Tip moves ‘up’ or ‘down’ at the slightest impulse , indicating the location of subterranean water streams ( or water courses).   As you come over the water the point dives to the ground , uncontrollably!  The material is traditionally Hazel , or Willow , but Glass-fibre, Carbon-fibre etc have been used in more recent times.



Below Shows the typical technique of Map Dowsing , which is most useful in saving many miles of walking when initially investigating the problem under investigation :-

The pencil is moved across the paper , and the Pendulum reacts. In two distinct stages.


The more practiced the Dowser, the more proficient they become.  So although many people can dowse, the results are often dependent upon the expertise of the Dowser concerned.   Usually the information being sought, is connected with helping others, rather than for self interest .............. so using Dowsing to forecast the winner of the three o'clock horse race , will generally end in disappointment .

You can however find faults in Electrical circuit boards, locate minerals, leaks in water supply pipes, find the possible source of the health problems in a sick person, determine the most beneficial place for plants, to name but a few ..............

Beware however, because it takes many years of practice and dedication to become proficient, and to evolve personal techniques which are reliable.  There can be more incorrect information, than correct, unless you are well practiced in its subtle underlying problems.  Therefore getting training from an experienced dowser is probably wise for most, if thinking of taking it up.