Earth  Energy

Our planet, we consider, is traversed by her natural Energy Lines, which are basically split into Yin and Yang, or female and male aspects.  The male, Ley or Dragon Lines,  provide the  Telluric Energy transmission in much the same way as the human body's 'energy channels'  addressed in Acupuncture .   These Earth Energy Lines are an extension of this system within the  human body, and provide our human 'life force'.  A complementary system of female subterranean water are  considered to be providing the energy balance,  and  if the human race destroys these subterranean waterways ( e.g. pollution by Fracking  , Radiation, etc)  the consequences will likely again to be food shortages , weather changes , and ultimately the end of civilisation as we know it, due to the failure of the 'chi' ( the universal energy that allows our crops to grow, and we humans to exist ).

Scattered over the surface of our globe, lie the tell-tale remains of previous Civilizations  that understood the complex natural energy environment in which they lived ...... the 'Living'  Earth , sometimes referred to as Gaia, our Earth Mother.                       

None of the World's Continents is left without a lingering trace of ancient Man's manipulation of the countryside and landscape , to aid the distribution of the 'Life Force' (or Chi ).     From China to Borneo, Europe to the Americas, and the Africa to India , there is evidence of  their Earth engineering prowess.   The shear size and accuracy of some of the remaining Pyramids, in both the  Americas and Egypt is testament to their dedication to the workings of our 'so-called' un-civilised Pagan world.

The Earth is presently assumed by the vast majority of  the human race,  to be an inanimate object, to do with as we please.  This includes the destructive flattening forests,  the construction of larger and larger concrete jungles, the polluting  of the seas,  air and land, all at a devastating pace, in the name of ill-conceived supposed progress .

Once it was different, in those times humans understood that Gaia our Earth Mother,  was one to be lived with in harmony,   and not , in the destruction of nature.   Then the human race understood  the Earth to be a 'Living Being' ,  not just an inanimate lump of rock,  to be abused at will.

The importance of the Earth's Energy, was not lost to the 'Geomancers' of the past, whose stone structures , earthen mounds , and wooden circles , all provided the enhancement and focusing of this life force.................  

Merry Maidens Stone Circle , Lands End Peninsular , Cornwall , England .

Examples of these amazing feats are numerous over the British Isles .  There are vast numbers of  Stone Circles, similar to the  Merry Maidens, but the most famous of all is Stonehenge.   Most have dowsable energy, which has been painstakingly enhanced by the ancients ; but with modern man's ignorance,  often  has long since been minimised by the desecration of these sites.

Stonehenge , (near) Amesbury , Wiltshire , England .

Magnificent precision is incorporated within the engineering of the Pyramids, where the size provides the present day with  puzzlement as to how they were built.   Two of the larger examples are the Moon Pyramid  Teotihuacan -- Mexico , and the Great Pyramid of Cairo, Egypt . Here also the sites are located with precision , and with understanding of the Earth's Energies.

The Moon Pyramid , at Teotihuacan , (Near) Mexico City

Back in England we have the smaller, but no less fascinating man made Hills, such as Silbury,  near the largest of Europe's Stone Circles at Avebury,  and that pictured here, Dragon Hill below Uffington White Horse in Berkshire . These are thought by many to have had the capability of 'storing' Earth Energy, in much the same way as a capacitor stores electricity.

Dragon Hill , (below) The White Horse, (At) Uffington , Berkshire , England

The 'Long Barrow' has long been thought by archaeologists  to be a site of burial, but the Coldrum Stones , along with many other similar sites, normally show minimal human remains , indicating a far more practical reason for there construction.  The bodies being probably of those who tried to survive one of the Earth's five thousand year solar cyclical catastrophic events  ( refer to The Mayan Prophecies byMaurice M Cotterell and Adrian G Gilbert -- ISBN 1-85230-888-5). 

The Coldrum Stones Long Barrow , (looking towards) Kitts Coty , Kent , England

The 'Quoits' of  mainly south-west England, perform an amazing balancing trick, within which those people who try their luck at  spending a night's sleep within their confines, quickly realise a more subtle force at work .  Here is pictured Lanyon Quoit located within the Lands End peninsular  of Cornwall .

Lanyon Quoit , Lands End Peninsular , Cornwall , England .

We find  'holed stones' , which obviously have been located with accuracy, and having much associated folklore describing their 'Healing Powers'.  This picture of the Men an Tol has stories of the passing of children through its hole, effecting the healing process, that is historically recorded.

The Men-an-tol ('holed') Stones , Lands End Peninsular , Cornwall , England

Animals and Vegetation react to the differing types of Earth Energy,  just as we human subconsciously do.  Birds probably migrate using the complex Earth Energy patterns and pathways ,  animals in the woods travel pathways that appear linked to both the female and male energy, and fish possibly return to spawning locations via the earth's natural energy locators.    Cats are  sensitive to Yin energy,  preferring  to sleep or sit on places that often are  associated with subterranean water.

So now I hear you thinking ........... what has this got to do with becoming un-well. Well, some of these Earth Energy systems will almost certainly be passing below your home, and work place.   Over time, the differing types of Earth Energy will affect your body's Aura in varying  ways , with each having its own specific effects  ................. some being beneficial, whereas other types of Earth Energy appear to eventually make you ill.

The most commonly talked about Earth Energy, is that caused by the Upper White Water, which has been  physically proven to exist by sinking a bore-hole using drilling rigs, after being located by using dowsing techniques . Many farmers make use of this type of water source ,to supply their animals with drinking water.

Only the edges of these white light subterranean water streams appear to provide  the harming effects, commonly referred to as classical  'Geopathic Stress' ....... but this type of Earth Energy is just the tip of the iceberg in what is a very complex Earth Energy environment . 

The  Black  ' Edges ' of the  Purple Water Line  give harmful  Energy Depletion.

It should be pointed out, that by locating yourself within a White Light Earth Energy Line, the benefits are enormous , both spiritually and intuitively --- so remember that not all the Earth's natural energy is harmful,  it is not,  and without it,  the crops will fail, along with the human race.  For this reason, Maureen and I do not generally 'stop' the Earth Energy , but merely balance the 'edge effects'.

The same benefits cannot be said about the 'Negative or Black Earth Energy',  for this appears to be much more harmful to the well-being of the Human Body, and nature generally.