Code   of    Ethical   Conduct


We are, as 'Professional Members of the British Society of Dowsers',  obliged to abide by  the Code of Ethical Conduct of the Society


Summary of The Code of Ethical Conduct
Professional Members  of the British Society of Dowsers

The British Society of Dowsers, in maintaining and continuing to promote Dowsing and Dowsing Practitioners in a manner consistent with the highest standards of personal integrity and professional behaviour, requires the following code of Ethical Conduct to be followed by Members. A Member whose conduct is considered by the Council to be in breach of the Ethical Code may be removed from the Society.

The reputation and usefulness of dowsing depend on the behaviour of Dowsers. All Dowsers owe it to their colleagues, and to members of the public who can benefit from their dowsing skills, not to bring dowsing into disrepute.

The public expect high standards of behaviour in people they call in, on trust, to help them with aspects of their working and private lives. Essential elements of this are professional competence, good relationships with clients and colleagues, and observance of professional ethical obligations.

1 .    Good Relationships with Clients  :   The aim is to provide a polite , considerate, and explanatory service , taking into account  the clients needs in an unbiased manner , and which in no way pressurises the client into accepting the proposed 'practice'. Additionally providing where necessary, referral or advice on  other  'relevant' practitioner's services.

2.      Maintaining Trust with Clients and the Public  :    To behave in an honest and trustworthy manner , whereby 'confidentiality' and 'identity' is always respected . This in turn means that only dowsing for the client's needs is carried out, but in the course of the 'practice' , if other information is discovered to be relevant , this shall also be communicated to the client.

3.      Respecting Relationships with Colleagues   :  To treat ones colleagues fairly , being willing to consult and justify ones actions , whilst respecting  at all times their skill and knowledge .

4.      Legal Observance and Commercial Dealings  :  Laws and Codes of Practice must be observed , with adequate insurance cover for the relevant aspects of the work . Financial and Commercial  honesty requires that 'charges' are stated prior to any work being initiated.

5.       Teaching and Training  :  The British Society of Dowsers  encourages  helping  the public to be aware, understand related dowsing issues,   and  contribute to the education and training of other dowsers.