Frequently Asked Questions


  •    Can My Child or Baby be affected by Geopathic Stress ?

Bed or Cot positioning moves us over or out of , certain health depleting types of Earth Energy .................  so Yes , your child is just as likely to be possibly affected as you are yourself.   The consensus of many Geomancers leans towards the belief that cot-death may be linked to Earth Energy , and its related Geopathic Stress.



  •     I think I am suffering from Geopathic Stress, because I have some of the symptoms, but I am not able to move my bed. Are you still able to help ?

Yes, this is frequently the case, so we have evolved  many differing methods of dealing with the majority of issues that arise, without moving any furniture.



  •     I have Sleepless Nights, could these be caused by Geopathic Stress?

Certain types of Earth energy can be responsible for causing  poor sleep patterns.



  •      We have discovered that our property has a history of Divorce. Is this possibly due to the Earth Energy environment, causing a disruptive atmosphere within the home ?

Yes , it is common to see trends of the same Human Behaviour within a single property ........... it is always worth trying to find out how happy the house has been, prior to buying.    However, once living there, things can be changed to a much different 'loving' environment, which nurtures harmony.



  •     I wake in the mornings feeling as though I've not been to sleep.  Is this possibly related to Geopathic Stress ?

Yes, this is a classical sign of being affected by White Light Earth Energy.



  •      We have drains running under the house and there is a Well in the back garden - does this affect us?

You will not be affected by drains under your home . A Well will not in itself be a problem, but any possible associated subterranean  Water Lines which are the supply source of the Well, could be affecting your property.............. which could in turn present G.S. issues.



  •     I have been told that we have a Ley Line running through the house. Is that good ?

Yes, that is correct, if a Ley Line is encompassing your home, then it is going to be greatly beneficial, but should it not 'completely encompass' the property then you could have some G.S. issues. There are also other considerations associated with this type of Earth Energy, which could completely negate the benefits, so these factors should be checked out by an experienced Geomancer.



  •     I do not feel that I want to go back into the house, once I have been outside, could GS be the cause?

This is usually a tell-tale sign of Negative Energy, along with not wanting to go out in the first place (i.e. reclusive-ness).



  •     How long does your on-site Balancing Work take to complete?

This all depends on whether it is Positive Energy or  Negative Energy that we are dealing with ....... Negative Energy does take some considerable amount of time to diagnose remotely and also to rectify, so you could be talking of anything from between 6 - 10 hours on-site (on average) .  White Light issues are not as time consuming .



  •      Why Do I Feel Like Falling Asleep At Work ?

Earth Energy and the work place are very related to both 'absence due to illness', and 'lower levels of concentration', due to tiredness.   In our opinion, ensuring that an Office has a good Earth Energy environment  is important for any successful company .............. to  possibly reduce sickness levels,  reduce stress levels,  and produce a happier 'working environment'.   Sick-Office-Syndrome is often blamed upon air-conditioning systems , but many companies fail, once expansion to a larger sized office introduces a poor office Earth Energy environment.



  •      Why Do I Have Such High Vet Bills for My Pet -- My Pet Seems to be Always Ill ?

Because you could have decided upon your pet's sleeping position, rather than letting him decide his best place .  The intuitive power of animals is far superior to humans, so perhaps you should observe where he likes to sleep, and not inflict a sleeping place upon your pet.  Perhaps this is why your pet doesn't like sleeping in his basket? Many animals can sense this Earth Energy, whereas the human race has lost the art .... apart from some members of the more gifted races (e.g. Red Indians, Aborigines etc)



  •   Why is a Sportsman's Team Performance affected upon moving house?

By moving, they leave behind a  positive health environment, and possibly introduce a health depleting situation in their new home. Often a player can suffer regular injury problems, which may be directly linked to the time of changing  home.   Athletes can have their sporting performances degraded by sleeping in the wrong hotel Earth Energy environment.