We all live our lives affected by our Mother Earth, with our bodies continuously reacting to the Earth's naturally occurring Earth Energy, principally generated by very deep subterranean water courses . This reaction can 'adversely' or 'positively' affect the human body, depending upon our location in relation to those energies , and their type.

The two fundamental white 'Earth Energy' influences are Ley (Dragon or Lung Mei) Lines, which carry the Yang energy and run in straight lines, and the Subterranean Water Lines which carries the Yin and travel in a meandering fashion, much as a river.

Our sleeping location in relation to these various Earth Energy influences, is the most important factor in our continued ' well-being' , and our overall ' health state'.

These local Earth Energies affect your body most, when it is stationary and located for many hours on an edge of either one of these Yin or Yang lines.  When in this situation, a disturbance in our body's Energy Field can be introduced, causing a damaging disturbance of our Health Aura ( a zone very local to our body) , linking to our body's Serotonin level.

Health Aura at Finger Tips -- When Neutral   (i.e.  No Earth Energy Local Effects )

When these Health Aura disturbances are present whilst we sleep, they can cause us a  health problem, because it is whilst we sleep that our natural healing should be taking place.   However, during waking hours these influences can also affect us, and a common example is 'sick-office-syndrome', where there is an unusually high sickness amongst a Company's staff, only within  one particular building.  Generally, illness takes months, or even years to show itself , but in severe cases of Geopathic Stress, the result can be much sooner.

This White Earth Energy Line effect is only the most common of many varying  causes of 'Geopathic Stress', so as part of our consultation process we also address, the dis-ease (when the human or animal body is distressed ) which is associated with the following issues, along with many other aspects not mentioned here :-

*    Negative Earth Energy Systems .
*    Residual Effects .
*    Electro Magnetic Effects (
where unusual e.m.f. emissions are occurring) .
*    Microwave Radiation ( e.g. Mobile Phone Base Stations / Radar / etc ).
*    Negative Entity Manifestations and Attacks.
*    The detrimental to health Zones caused
by Hartmann & Curry Lines.

Oak Tree Fruit - Within Negative Earth Energy - Caused by Wasps ?  Certainly bear little resemblance to  Acorns .


Negative Earth Energy.

We consider that the Negative  Earth Energy (sometimes referred to as a Black Stream), allows Negative Space Energies (Entities) to co-exist with the occupants of a house , though often this is not perceived by those persons involved.  Therefore, the successful 'space clearance' of these particularly health depleting energies will not be achieved, without first dealing with the Black Earth Energies that are affecting  that particular house. This negative Earth Energy environment may be associated with many serious differing 'Health Problems' .


Parsnip Growing in a Strange Way --  The black stream Earth Energy ?


All  Earth Energy disturbances can be made safe, within a home.  

Some houses are highly affected, whilst others are only slightly affected by naturally occurring Earth Energy, consequently the time and resources needed to balance the overall Earth Energy Environment of a home, vary immensely from house to house .  Equally, in some homes the Earth Energies can be causing far more severe health issues, than in those homes only mildly affected.  It also needs to be understood that of say four bedrooms within a house, only one may be subject to health depleting Geopathic Stress, so it is possible for a house to have very localised detrimental energy effects. These may cause eventual illness ( over months, or years) to only one member of the family, and not affect others in the same family.


The Person in the Left Hand Bed is likely to have Head Related Ill Health , whilst the Person with cold feet is likely to have Additional Lower Leg & Feet related health Problems 


How Are a Geopathic Stress Problems Identified ?

We carry out a diagnosis by using refined dowsing techniques, which encompass both 'Remote Dowsing' (carried out from a distance using a map) , and 'On-site Dowsing' with us physically present at the house, if a home visit has been recommended due to the findings of the prior remote dowsing. At this home visit we balance the house , to remove the detrimental effects of the naturally occurring Earth Energy  ( refer to 'Our Consultation Process' to find out more of what is involved ).


What 'Signs' act as Indicators of Geopathic Stress being present ?

There are numerous 'indicators' of our human bodies being affected by a Geopathically Stressed environment . You also normally need to be under this stressing  influence for months or years  before possible illness may start to rear its head , but in severe cases of this dis-ease  there can possibly be exceptions, with a very quick onset of illness. 

The most classic clue to you , is 'waking tired , having slept a good seven hours and not wanting to get out of bed ' , but some other early warning symptoms can be :-

Moods of : Irrational Anger / Jealousy / Hatred .
Unusual Poor Sporting Performance (when staying away in hotels ).     
  History of  Ill-health or Divorce at the property .
Poor 'relations' with neighbours .
Poor Sleep patterns  .
Nightmares / Bad Dreams .
Reclusiveness ( not wanting to leave the home).
Feeling listless and tired through the day.
Regularly ill .
Slow recovery from general Health Issues.