Healing Relationship



  •   Most of us think that we have little or no control over becoming ill , other than to exercise, and  have proper diet.

  •   We all accept that it seems  'medical normal practice' to fix the illness , rather than look at the cause of the dis-ease.

  •   Why has medicine progressed down this avenue ? Perhaps financial reasons play their part ?

  •    Your body's natural  Healing is understood to occur whilst you sleep. So why is this an important issue ?

  •   Well, at varying depths below the Earth's surface (below all of our houses), lies a subterranean maze of water-ways, some as big as large rivers, others narrower that our own body, extending to perhaps  thousands of feet .

  •   So what of it ...........  you say !  Well, these Water Lines could have a significant effect upon our body's ability to heal, if their Earth Energies interact with your own individual human body's energy field (aura), whilst you sleep.

  •   This Auric interaction, if a detrimental one , is called 'Geopathic Stress', and by its action, places your body in a state of 'Dis-Ease', which in turn ultimately may make you ill. Though it may take months, or even years, to possibly effect this illness.

  •   So where your house and bed are situated , can be really important health considerations.

What Effects Does This Have ?

  •   We believe that by removing the detrimental unbalancing interaction of energies (i.e. the Geopathic stress) , it is possible to restore the normal level of natural healing , or increase it above its normal level .

  •   This in turn, removes the 'dis-eased' state, which can be instrumental in rejuvenating your immune system, which as a consequence can ward off  illness, and may aid in the healing process .

  •   So you are also more likely to recover from health issues, once the detrimental interaction process is removed. Remove the Geopathic Stress, and the 'Complementary Healing' is likely to occur .

Effects of Ignoring these Earth Energies  :-

  •    In our opinion, Negative or Black Water, can be associated with more serious health conditions.

  •    Types of White Water can , in our opinion, be associated with extreme tiredness syndrome.

  •    Sporting and Work performance can be affected, due to unsatisfactory sleep,  causing tiredness and poor concentration.
  •    You may be slow to recover from illness, and may be frequently ill.

  •    Certain Earth Energy lines can be associated with poor sleep patterns.

  •    Fear, Irrational Anger, Despondency, and Reclusive-ness can all be related, in our opinion.

  •    Mixed-Up thought processes may occur

  •    Stress related illness can be predominant.

  •   Your natural Healing can be impaired, causing a possible downward spiral .

How Long do our Bodies take to React :-

  •   Our human bodies are far more resilient to stress than we realise, so we may go for years without noticing the effects of Geopathic Stress. The first sign may be when additional stress is thrust into our lives, with perhaps a divorce, car accident, or a bereavement. Then suddenly our body caves-in under the additional cumulative  pressure of the two types of stress .

  •   On the other hand, in severe cases of Negative Earth energy, we can almost feel our body's energy being drained out through our feet, as we walk into the property.  In these cases the body's reaction with subsequent illness, may be much sooner.

  •   Hence there are varying degrees of Geopathic Stress, which could cause you to become ill at varying speeds . There can be no hard and fast rules ............. we can only warn about some of the tell tale symptoms.