Our    Consultancy


Upon 'E' Mailing us your contact details, we will send you out our introductory literature regarding Dragonstone-uk , which explains how you proceed, and exactly what we will need, to carry out your personal Remote Dowsing investigation of your home (or office) ................



  •   Firstly, our Remote Map Dowsing  identifies if there is a problem with your home, and whether we consider that these particular diagnosed Earth Energy issues need an on-site visit, for their balancing or manipulation.


  •   We return the above information to you in a  Report format , and advise you of our recommendations ( Included is an  'Estimate' of the costs likely to be involved , to successfully achieve a healthy home ) .


  •   Once you have considered the proposals within the Report , you may decide to have us make an on-site visit to your property........... or stop at this point.


  •   Our 'Techniques' identify  the various Energy Problems, and then formulate a 'Balancing of those Energies' , prior to any visit to a property .   In this way we encounter fewer surprises at the time of the visit, and we arrive prepared for any anticipated situations.


  •   This  'Balancing'  of your house will balance the diagnosed Geopathic Stress issues,  that could be responsible for your present health issues, or future well-being.


  •   The Balancing is followed by our free 'close remote monitoring '  of the Energy Changes for the first four weeks , after any home visit. 


  •   Subsequent three-monthly 'Checks' to monitor your status, are then carried out by remote dowsing through the first year. These are free and part of our consultancy process .............. with each, you receive a letter of confirmation.



  •     Moving House is never an option, nor is moving a bed  . We assume that these options are not available to you , the client.


  •      No blocking of the Earth Energy is carried out.  As retention is beneficial to the overall Chi, provided that the depleting aspects have been addressed.


  •     Both of us visit the property.


  •     Our Report allows you to make an informed judgement ,  before proceeding to the second stage ( a home visit).


  •     No electrical methods are use in the balancing process , only natural Earth products .


  •     Space Clearance is always carried out, in cases of Negative Earth Energy  ( using both Incense and Sound ).


  •     Health Aura Depletion is used for monitoring achieved results, at the time of the visit.


  •     Certification is available for additional cost.