APRIL  2008  

Hi everyone ........ Yes , another long delay in getting an update out and about, this time our web hosting played a part, and we have now changed to a new 'Host Provider'. 

So What Is New  ?

MUCH  MORE  NEW  RESEARCH  :-  Many of our past and present clients have been benefiting  from our ongoing  ' Negative Earth Energy Research'  of the past three and a half  years . 

The results of all this work are now really coming to fruition with particular awkward houses, after recent breakthroughs in the last few months .  The solving of  problems that have lingered over months and some over years , being most rewarding to both the client and ourselves . 

 I need to convey my thanks to many of our clients,  for providing the feedback and the patience to get to this position .  Much of the success has been down to the 'reporting back' of our clients,  with information from varying sources leading to the breakthroughs from which we are all benefiting,  including ourselves.


UPDATE  ON  A  RECENT  BOOK  ON  GEOPATHIC STRESS :-   We included information on a 'new' book ( Geopathic Stress & Subtle Energy) in the last update (see 'Past Updates' above) of this Website .  Jane Thurnell-Read asked me to change the link, for those of you interested in purchasing the book directly through her: -   http://www.healthandgoodness.com/acatalog/Geopathic_Stress_and_Subtle_Energy.html  


CONTINUING  LIFE  AWAY  FROM  AERONAUTICAL  STRUCTURAL   DESIGN  ENGINEERING    Maureen and I have now been down in Somerset (away from Surrey) nearly three and a half years, after opting for the Geomancer's life. We never envisaged the time that our 'Negative Energy' research would swallow up over this period,  but we feel that hopefully this phase has now drawn to a close.

I am looking to spend the freed-up time to research the Earth Energies of the ancient sites of Somerset and Devon in more detail,   with the idea of forming a local  Dowsing Group (if there is enough interest),   to venture out on monthly visit to these sites . Watch this space!


MAUREEN's  SEPTEMBER  VISIT  TO  GLASTONBURY   Visiting Chalice Well for the 'World Peace Day and Autumn Equinox’:-            If you have not been to Chalice Well,   I can thoroughly recommend it for a peaceful experience… walking around the grounds leads you into another dimension, the gardens are superbly kept, and from the moment you go through the main gate (small admission charge) you will feel at peace..  There are so many places to sit and just meditate or just soak up the atmosphere.

Making my way to the Well itself .... there were already a lot of people sitting waiting for the Ceremony to start at 12noon . Whilst  sitting there, we were handed white tags with silver threads, in which we could write our own wishes for The World,   this we were lead through via a meditation.  The Ceremony latest around half an hour, during which we blessed the 'Well'  and put up our thoughts for World Peace. 

 During the Ceremony three large candles were lit from an Everlasting Candle made from the ashes of Hiroshima,  that was amazing!   At the ending, we then made our way up to hang our  ‘wishes’ on the Thorn trees in  The Meadow and sit and reflect before making our way home….I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, it was one of which I would not have missed !

Wishing World Peace.


A  STRANGE  TWIST  OF  FATE   :-   The day was Halloween (Oct 07), and I had been working upon some Somerset Energy Issues, when I asked for Maureen's help in making some adjustments, as the time was about eight thirty in the evening , and the car headlights would help me find the location .

Well it took me around fifteen minutes to find, and in the process Maureen was getting decidedly bored sitting in the car with the engine and heater going, providing me with the light source .   So she decided to reset the trips on the mileometer of the car, which having been accomplished, ended with the present total mileage for the car 66,666. 6.......!!!

For those of you who have been indoctrinated into the belief that 666 is the sign of the Devil,    I leave you with the Magic Square of the Sun ( linked to the Ley, Yang , or Male Energy of the Earth ) :





































You will note that each row adds up to 111 , that each column adds up to 111, that the full diagonal numbers add up to 111 , and that the numbers 1 to 36 are contained within the 36 squares  . Also you will note that the total of all the numbers is 666 .

What do you think,  maybe not the sign of the Devil ?    I leave it to your  intuition


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