-- March '05

We apologize that this Website has not having been updated for just over a Year ........ however there have been many circumstances that have pushed the 'Updating'   priority to one side .

At the beginning of 2004,  the time taken-up on our 'Geopathic Stress Work'  grew so quickly that we found little time for ourselves.   As a result we made the decision to move the 'Practise' to the South West of England, in order to be more centralised for our travelling needs, and we converted a tentative moving process into one of a definite the house hunting process.    This resulted in Mike turning his back on 30 years of Aircraft Engineering Design, and taking Dragonstone, in the latter part of the year, into the full-time professional environment of 'Alternative Health'.

For those of you who were familiar with our North Cheam  (Worcester Park) Garden ......... the last of many 'Garden Events' took place in the Summer of 2004, where all donations as usual went to the Royal Marsden Cancer Research       ( Hospital ) ....... again  we were  extremely lucky with the weather, and had many more trying their hand at dowsing the 'chalk marked lines' ........... many thanks to those of you who did donate !   Over the years we managed to raise a considerable amount of money for the Royal Marsden Hospital...

Maureen and I thought that we might miss the house that we'd both loved, and had put so much of our lives, but it was like ducks to water once in Somerset ...... and we've not looked back !      We love our new house and the Somerset countryside around Ilminster, has been so much more fulfilling doing the 'Earth Energy Work' that we love  "full time" .   The Airways, of course,  miss their Structures Engineer, and I think many there thought we were mad to put ourselves into the situation of having no regular monthly income, however in life we think you know when the time is right  ........ and it is proving to be so !


FURTHER  DEVELOPMENTS  IN OUR WORK  :-    Many of you who have had the pleasure of having their Houses investigated,  have this year benefited from further 'Dragonstone Research' into the Negative Energy Side ........ with re-visits where the need was found in your three monthly re-appraised Remote Dowsing .   We have also changed our view on the significance of the Hartmann Lines, in terms of Health issues.......where found to be of significance, a far more detailed investigation is now carried out as part of our assessment.....

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