March '07

If you are new to our Website , you perhaps will not have been 'too bothered' , but our friends must have thought that we had dropped off the planet ......... such is the time since we last were able to provide an update to this site . December  2005 to be precise ! Hopefully , things will be on a much more regular basis , from this point onwards .

The reasons for this 'extended sleep' , have be numerous :-  

  • We had computer problems, created by our anti virus software.

  • We have been involved in very time consuming 'Research' into the Negative Earth Energy side .

  •  My Mother had been very ill for a year and a half ,until her passing at the end of February this year.

So What Is New  ?

NEW  RESEARCH  :-  Many of our past clients have benefited from our 'ongoing research' that has occurred over the past 18 months , because where we have known that their health issues were not particularly changed by our balancing process , we have subsequently returned to their maps to include testing for these newly found issues,  giving them the option of a return visit with additional balancing.  Many who have had us return ,have been responding in a way that has surprised even ourselves .

Where we were previously of the opinion that perhaps 20% of illness was directly attributable to Earth Energy issues ........ we now  have changed this to a much , much higher figure........ which might even be as high as 90% . However, without controlled testing, we cannot place a figure on it ......... only that it is very high in our newly found experience . 


A  NEW  BOOK  ON  GEOPATHIC STRESS  :-   We have had the pleasure of providing some of our 'experience' to Jane Thurnell-Read , who has totally re-written her previous book " GEOPATHIC STRESS - How Earth Energies Affect Our Lives"  ISBN 1-85230-696-3 ( published back in 1995 ) .

Her brand new book " GEOPATHIC STRESS & SUBTLE ENERGY " was published in September 2006 ,  ISBN 0-9542439-4-3 .  This has been reviewed in the latest 'Dowsing Today' by Patrick MacManaway ( President of the British Dowsing Society ) , and includes the theories and opinions of many practitioners in the field of Geopathic Stress .  He sums up that " There are still very few books specifically and directly addressing Geopathic Stress, and Jane's contribution is very gratefully received by all of us wishing to see a wider exposure and discussion of this important and widespread but still poorly understood phenomenon " . 

 I feel Jane has given a very unbiased and informative overview of the many differing techniques being practiced today, along with the many issues the subject involves .

Jane's Website for a copy is  www.lifeworkpotential.com


LIFE  AWAY  FROM  AERONAUTICAL  STRUCTURAL  ENGINEERING  Maureen and I have now been down in Somerset ( from Surrey ) nearly two and a half years , to work professionally full time with our Mother Earth's Energies .   We both have no regrets, and love our new rural life .  When we made our monumental decision to turn our backs on our professions , we both at the time had some trepidation ............ this has turned out to be unfounded , and things have gone from strength to strength ! Some offers have come my way to return to 'Design Engineering' , but my interest generated by the Earth's Energies far outweighs that found within an aeroplane's structure ......... maybe  in the distant future things could change , but  this would be financially driven decision, rather than being a spiritual pathway.


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