June 2003 : - 


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                GARDEN  EVENT 

Mike and Maureen are holding their 'Annual Garden Event ' in July , with the donations going to the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital  .  

Numbers are limited for this , so it is necessary to contact us very quickly to get on the waiting list , for those 'places' vacated by those unable to unable to attend .


NEWS :    ---  Summer Solstice (Saturday 21 June 03) brought rain on the Sunday instead of the forecast 27deg C .

                 ---  Earth Energy levels rose this month , more than 'doubling'.


                 ---  "In Australia , the pre-historic line system is still being used by the Aborigines , who tell of the past age , called the 'Dream Time' , when the 'creative gods' traversed the country and re-shaped the land to conform to the important paths called " Turingas" . At certain times of the year they become revitalized by the energies flowing through them , giving new life to the adjacent countryside" .



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